Peter B. (Laval)

Karbur dog products are the best! My 4-year old chihuahua is doing great and loves her food! The adult dietary supplement is simply wonderful, affordable and so easy to use.

Diana (Boisbriand)

Big thanks to Alain for his explanations on how to prepare homemade dog food. He reassured me and gave me tons of hints. You made my day!

Caroline (Outaouais)

I love the Karbur formula and I know that my furry loved one has everything she needs. Normally, spring time is her typical allergy season, and to date, she didn’t have any whatsoever. The numerous changes I made diet-wise for my dog, including the purchase of Karbur...

Anne (St-Hippolythe)

I feed my poodles with Karbur meats and supplements and they simply love it. They wake me up at 6.00 a.m. because they are so eager to eat their rations! Their stools are firm and small and no more eye discharges or allergies. Plus, the meat-veggies-supplement blend...